2020/21 Whip



size length width fins finbox sail weight
92 221 62 Whip it 18 cm Powerbox 4.0-5.6 6.3 kg
102 221 64 Whip it 20cm Powerbox 4.2-5.9 6.5 kg

2020/21 Whip



Check out the all new 2020/21 Whip! It is designed by mathematical genius Ola Helenius in collaboration with top freestyler Max Rowe. The shape is aimed to bring progressive freestyle to the next level with extreme acceleration and top speed combined with explosive pop. A super quick but still smoothly progressive rocker is responsible for its remarkable speed and early planing, the panel V and smooth round front rails give the board predictability in landings and on water sliding moves. The thick tail block and distinct rails in the back enable you to pop out of the water and boost into any transitions whether that’s aerial moves or sliding tricks. With a compact outline and linear volume distribution rotations have never been easier.
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92, 102

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