2020/21 Monster



size length width fins finbox sail weight
106 230 70 Delivered without fin Tuttle box 6.2-8.6 6.0 kg
116 230 74 Delivered without fin Tuttle box 7.0-9.2 6.2 kg
126 230 82 Delivered without fin Deep tuttle / Foil ready 7.8-9.6 7.0 kg
136 230 86 Delivered without fin Deep tuttle / Foil ready 7.8-10.0 7.4 kg

2020/21 Monster



Insane top speeds with full control at all times, even in the choppiest water you can find.
2020/21 Monster gives you total confidence sheet in and just go for it!
This is what make the Monster on the of the most fierce free race weapons available.
The outline is craftet to give the board maximum control in all conditions, with more parallel rails towards the middle to keep a wider nose.
This is import to generate as early planing as possible.
The one step tail cut out creates release which keeps the control even at high speeds due to the reduced of wetted-surface area.
A generous amount of V towards the nose to absorb chops and give the boards a smooth and user-friendly performance.
The monster features all the winning performance features seen on the 3XS but in a more user friendly package, pure free race firepower for the people.

Additional Information

106, 116, 126, 136

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