2020/21 Helix



size length width fins finbox sail weight
85 230 61 Freewave 26 cm /Alt. Tri 2xM95 + 1xBT180 2 x Slotboxes + 1 x Powerbox 3.7-5.6 6.4 kg
95 234 63 Freewave 28 cm /Alt. Tri 2xM95 + 1xBT190 2 x Slotboxes + 1 x Powerbox 4.0-6.2 6.7 kg
105 234 65 Freewave 30 cm /Alt. Tri 2xM105 + 1xBT200 2 x Slotboxes + 1 x Powerbox 4.2-7.0 7.0 kg
115 235 67 Freewave 32 cm /Alt. Tri 2xM105 + 1xBT210 2 x Slotboxes + 1 x Powerbox 4.5-7.5 7.4 kg



2020/21 Helix



The Simmer 2020/21 Helix is a modern free wave board that combines electric high wind free ride performance with the ability for exciting jumping and easy access turning in waves.
Anywhere there is wind and water you can use this board to maximize your fun.
The new Helix has a completely re-designed outline, with a compact but classic looking nose and a wider curvier rear section that ends in a cut away style v-form.
This new outline maximizes a light and nimble straigh line feel while also enhancing snappiness in waves, whether in single fin or thruster mode.
Since the Helix is such an easy board to sail, it is the perfect choice to get into wave sailing.
The Helix comes delivered with a Free wave single fin, but we also recommend a tri fin configuration as an alternative fin setup that enhances wave performance.
With a single fin, the board is a fast and effective performer, that will give many free ride boards a run for their money.
With the tri fin setup the board becomes a versatile free wave performer that combines amazing planing performance with the best possible jumping threshold and an ability to handle waves from small onshore slop to serious side shore overhead lips.


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85, 95, 105, 115

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